Islamic Center in Gulfport

Connecting with god, and with our gulf coast community

Due to COVID-19, the Masjid is closed until further notice.


We are a group of Muslim individuals who got together to establish a place to freely practice their religion 


We provide a prayer place and religeous services to our local Muslim community on the gulf coast


Our Center is located in Central St. in Gulfport, MS


Islamic Center in Gulfport, MS bringing the message of God of doing good unto one’s self and unto others to our community

Established to serve local Mulims and help them learn and freely practice their religion, and for non-Muslims to learn about and connect with Muslims in our MS gulf coast community community

Our Services

We provide some essential services to the best of our ability.
All services, except funerals, are free of charge.

Prayers and Khutba

Our masjid is open for fajr, Isha and Jumaa paryers for all Muslims. Khutba starts at 1:00 PM. Salat is followed by free lunch of mildly spiced Arabic dish with Halal meat.

Education & PR

–Sunday Quran-Arabic classed are currently put on hold.
–1 on 1 Q&A sessions: contact us to schedule.
–Representation to media and community by approved individuals: contact us to arrange.


Marriage must follow local, state and federal proceedings before presenting to the center for the religous ceremony. Service limited to resiodents of cities between OS and BSL. 


All service components performed by our Muslim volunteers are free. However, the deceased’s family is responsible for the cost of contractors (transport and ground digging)


Diversity with harmony

Islam is a religion designed for mankind. As a result, our Muslim community is very diverse. We pride ourselves with the harmony we have within this diversity, brought about by the great teachings of Islam of tolerance and acceptance, and the guidance towards the common good of one’s self and others around them.

Peace within

Peace is the overwhleming feeling when one enters our center. It superceeds differences in opinions, backgrounds and cultures.

Love towards

We love our large community on the gulf coast for welcoming and accepting us. We are grateful that we are able to practice our religion in peace and with zero conflicts. 

Community tree

Our greate gulf coast community has rejecrted and let fall of the bad apples that had faced us with hate and intolerance. The vast majority accepts our diversity as a productive & colorful component of the gulf coast community.
Thank you!! 


Our center has large windows; so do our hearts and minds. We welcome any and all curious individuals to come see, communicate and connect with us.  Everyone who came to our center left with a smile.


This website

We aim to bring you the greatest benefit possible through this website. tis is only possible with your help and support. Please visit all the pages of our website and help us improve it by posting a comment or sending a message online.

Front page

You’re on it. It is an overview. We have  the details on other pages. 


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Some we frequently asked ourselves

News & Updates

Here we post our news, updates, messages ..etc.
It’s like a blog, but not of random thought.

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About us

Learn about us, our community and this website. You might find answers to more specific questions in our FAQ section. If not, just ask.



We delightfully foud the following reviews on Goole

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Masha’Allah beautiful masjid and very loving brothers. May Allah bless this great community and accept All of them for the effort of deen of RSAW!


This place is nice and clean. I am glad I stoped here for the Friday prayer and meet alot of new people. Brothers here are very divers but they love each other. Mosque is clean and kotbah is short. Brothers also serve food on Friday for free. Free parking lot with a nice view on the ocean. I would highly recommend this location for travelers.


Nice masjid and im happy for friday pray in this masjid…


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