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Eid Al Fitr عيد الفطر

Tuesday June 4, 2019 Prayer at 7 a.m. Zakat Al Fitr is $15 per individual, to be donated and distributed by Eid prayer يوم الثلاثاء صلاة العيد الساعة السابعة صباحا زكاة الفطر ١٥ دولار يتوجب توزيعها لمستحقيها قبل صلاة العيد

Ramadan 2019

We will cover some Ramadan-related topics here. Eid prayer is Tuesday at 7 AM صلاة العيد الثلاثاء الساعة ٧ صباحا Zakat Al-Fitr Timing Is due on every Muslim, paid by the head of the household for each member of the family. It must be paid, and distributed, by Salat al Eid (Eid prayer). Amount Although…
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Interfaith Iftar on May 24

Interfaith dinner (iftar) at th Islamic Center in Gulfoirt

Summer Camp -2019

Sister Shazia Arif, a career teacher, invites you to register your child, age 3-10 years, for a summer camp. This is a not-for-profit community project . Funds will be used for the camp and kids won’t bring any supply from home, except their snack. Funds will come solely from your donations to support this project.…
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Khutba Excerpts

Khutba is a short talk (10-20 min at this masjid) in which the speaker (khateeb or imam) chooses one or more topic(s) to talk about. Khutba is not meant to teach Islam; it rather serve primariy as a reminder to Muslims of the teachings, values and practices of Islam. Here we will, insha’ Allah, post…
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