A website for the Islamic Center in Gulfport

2- About this Center

  • Prayer place
  • Jumaa khutba and prayer
  • Funeral Service

We do not have any program or activity to convert anyone to Islam.
we do, however, believe in the message of Islam that can lead to the betterment of individuals and societies. It is the pathway to God that we have chosen. Therefore, we do welcome and support individuals who are learning about the true values of islam and are considering converting to Islam on the basis of clear understanding of the religion and educated willingness to adhere to its rules and guidelines.

Nevertheless, we do not have scholars or individuals certified to educate people on Islam. Conversations can be arranged with individuals in our community who can present tier own understanding and practice of Islam. Knowledge seekers are encouraged to use additional resources available nationwide, in larger nearby Muslim communities, and from reliable, verified online sources. mPlease be cautious with the last one. There’s probably more falsehood that truth about Islam online.

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