A website for the Islamic Center in Gulfport

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Not quite. It is not run, updated, or even monitored by the Islamic Center. It is, however, the only website for the center and practically the only way one can contact this Islamic Center beside physically going there when it is attended.

This website was developed by a volunteer community member who manages al aspect the website including online communication and emails. This member is not a board member; therefore, it may take longer than desired to come back with answers to questions and requests communicated online.
Moreover, while this website is the sole online representation of this Islamic Center, it is not to be considered an official website for the center. The developer tries to provide as accurate as possible information and representation of the center, but absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

The site administrator tries to adhere to the Center’s message and guidelines. There is, however, no oversight from the Center. Therefore, any errors or omissions are the result of the admin’s shortcomings and not to be blames on the Center.

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