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The Islamic Center in Gulfport (ICG) is primarily a place for prayer for all Muslims.  It also serves as a place of social gathering and celebration of important holidays, namely Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha.


ICG is a not-for-profit. It provides limited religious services free of charge to our community members on the Mississippi gulf coast, except for burial service where a fee equal to the cost of material and services provided by third parties is collected. Please notify us or the board of trustees if you were asked to pay for any service.

  • PRAYERS: Jumaa Prayers are always served starting with Khutba at 1:00 PM, and typically ending salat by 1:30 PM. The Masjid is usually attended for Fajr and Isha Prayers. Doors are locked at all other times.
  • SOCIAL GATHERING: Food is served after Jumaa prayer. A great opportunity to meet community members.
  • RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES: Services are available to residents of the Mississippi gulf coast where our center is the closest Islamic center to the individual’s place of residence. Only the religious ceremony component of the marriage service is provided; no official documentation shall be produced. Couples must follow the state’s law to legally document their marriage.
  • EDUCATION: Currently, only Jumaa Khutba is offered. Our effort to teach Arabic language and Quran have been put on hold due to the limited availability of instructors, small size of the community and limited attendance. We still aim to restore this service but need the support of our community. You can express your interest in the comment section or by email.
  • RADIO STATION: Listen to our radio station on 103.9, on radio players apps, and on our website here.


  • MUSLIMS: The masjid is open on Fridays for Jumaa prayer. Some member have made a personal commitment to open for Fajr and Isha prayers. Opening at other times is subject to attendance by members who have access.
  • NON-MUSLIMS: visitors are welcome to come and visit our center. Visits must be scheduled in advance. Please contact he board directly, or send your request to us and we will do our best to arrange for your visit.
  • MEDIA: Currently, there is no official representation of the Center or the Muslims community on MS the coast by any individual or group of individuals. Media is consider any views presented by any individual Muslim as those of that individual and may or may not represent the views of the Center or the community. Nevertheless, Visits and meetings with authorized community members (board members or individuals authorized by the board) can be arranged. Please contact us or the board of trustees to discuss.


All services at our center are provided by uncompensated volunteers. We need every single member of our community to help with donations and labor. Every little helps. Donations are accepted and are used for:

  • Charity, including burial cost for those who cannot afford it.
  • Utilities
  • Supplies
  • Maintenance and repairs
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