Interfaith Iftar on May 24

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Interfaith Iftar on May 24

The Islamic Center in Gulfport invites you to have a late dinner (at sunset) with our Muslim community on Friday May 24, 219, and get the opportunity to learn more about us an integrated part of our Gulf Coast community at large.

You don’t need to be a Muslim to attend. However, we do expect you to show respect to our traditions by:

  • Showing up early enough to arrange for your seating
  • Take your shoes off before entering
  • wear clean clothes that properly cover your body
  • be prepared to sit on the floor with us if needed due to limited table seating spots
  • arriving sober and not under the effect of alcohol or any illicit drug
  • behave appropriately according to Islamic and local southern culture guideline, and local, state and federal laws.

You’d be expected to come empty handed, but you can contribute by bringing food that does not contain any pork products (sausage, ham, bacon ..etc.) and/or non-alcoholic drinks.

Please contact us online on this website if you are interested in attending this diner. Seating is limited and we need to plan ahead for the total number of attendants.

We look forward to meeting you


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