Khutba Excerpts

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Khutba Excerpts

Khutba is a short talk (10-20 min at this masjid) in which the speaker (khateeb or imam) chooses one or more topic(s) to talk about. Khutba is not meant to teach Islam; it rather serve primariy as a reminder to Muslims of the teachings, values and practices of Islam.

Here we will, insha’ Allah, post excerpts from Jumaa Khutbas delivered at this masjid for our Muslim brothers and sisters who may have missed them, and for everyone to learn what we talk about.

We ask the speakers to submit their Khutba excerpts in the comment section below. We will review and post as soon as possible. If you have composed, heard or read a Khutba that you think would be valuable and would like to share it, please posted in the comment section referencing the source.

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