ICG Members

Community Members

We consider any and every Muslim who lives on the Mississippi gulf coast as considered a member of our community. We recommend that you register online on this page on our website so that we can share with you important information and updates about our community and activities.

Board members

Access to some pages on our website is limited to our board members. If you are a new board member, you can register this page and we will upgrade your membership to a board member status.

Reverting to Islam

The first action to take to become a muslim is to take Shahada, which is an attestation that you believe that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad (blessings be upon him) is the messenger of Allah.
To take Shahada at our masjid (that is a small mosque) witnessed by other muslims–soon to be your brothers and sisters in Islam, contact us online, by phone, email, or on social media to make arrangements (simply choosing a time of your earliest convenience that the imam and other muslims are in attendance at our masjid).

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