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Questions asked, and answers provided. We ask our community to read and help whenever possible.

Q– I  m not a muslim, but i`ve always wanted to learn more about Islam, and i wonder if you have some event that i could attend. Thank

A– Thank you for your interest in learning about Islam. The use of our center is currently limited to making prayers. We send newsletters periodically to people on our mailing list top notify them of upcoming events.

Q– I was wondering if you could do online lectures (Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.)…

A– We currently don’t have the necessary resources to do that. However, such material is widely available online (YouTube etc.). However, if we have to close our masjid of the pandemic again, we will look into creating an online presence for Jumaa Khutba and prayer.

Q– Do you have a Sunday school for Kids?

A– We regret that we had to terminate our Sunday school a while back for the lack of resources. Everything we do is based on volunteers’ who are either providing services for free, or even paying out of their pockets. To restart this program, we’d need to find volunteer teacher, or resources to fund teaching wage and material, and we need to solve transportation issue that had largely hindered our ability to sustain this program. 
Should circumstances change, we will share on our website or notify our newsletter subscribers.

Q–Regional Correctional Facility. 
I am sending you a request for Quran donations for my facility. We operate solely on donations for any of our religious literature. Please send whatever you can to help out the Muslim community here.

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