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August 9, 2021. A focus group asking for participants for a political survey

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We are reaching out to you because Big Bang Recruiting is conducting an online group research project about important local and national issues. This study will take place entirely online from the comfort and convenience of your home or office via an online platform similar to Zoom Meetings. It will last for 120 minutes, TOMORROW evening, Tues, Aug 10th. Participants will answer questions that are presented by our moderator in a group setting. They will be paid $175 via their choice of Paypal or check. 

We try to get a mix of all different nationalities and are short 2 Asian or Middle Eastern participants. Can you please spread the word or maybe you can participate? If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 918-600-7387. Cyndi Barber

If you are interested in joining, we would need you to answer a few questions to see if you fit our target profile. The demographic questions in the survey are asked so that we are sure to get a diverse group. Please take the survey below to see if you qualify:

Cyndi Barber

Director of Recruiting 

M- (918) 280-8011 F- (918) 416-4566

Partnering with leaders in market research

Tulsa, Oklahoma 36*00’41.3, 95*52″04.1

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We, as an organization, do not get involved, but we will post for the committee members to see if any would like to participate on their own.