All services are provided by volunteers free of charge.

You may need to pay cost of materials and third party services.

Our Services


This services is limited to the religious ritual for Muslims only. No legal document can be produced by the Center. At least one of the couple getting married must be a resident of the MS gulf coast.


This services is only offered to the local Muslims community. The deceased family will pay for material and third party services only. Services includes bathing, shrouding, prayer and burial at the Center’s burial ground.

Learn Islamic Funeral procedures here


Visits to the sick or incarcerated are not available at the moment due to lack of resources and trained volunteers. We invite our community’s support to provide this important service


Copies of Mus’haf (printed Quran) and books on Islam may be available at the Center, or can be ordered using available donation funds as needed. Contact us if you need a copy

Weekends School

To learn Quran and Arabic Language is currently unavailable due to lack of human resources.

Community Outreach

While we do not reach out to promote our believes, we welcome every opportunity to engage with our wider community on the gulf coast, in community centers, churches, schools and colleges, meetings and conferences to educate on the true values of our religion

Listen to 103.9 FM

listen to our on radio station on the coast. It plays Quran recital.

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