Khutba – Illness of the Heart

This is a translation of the Imam's khutba, delivered on Friday, August 13, 2021

This Khutba talks primarily about virtual illness of the heart, not medical heart disease. It was translated from an Arabic script using Google translate. Only part of the translation was reviewed and verified for accuracy, and corrected or needed. The body of a hot bath translation shows were verification ended due to time constraint.

Khutba audio in Englis:

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Khutba Text in English:

Praise be to Allah who created Man in the best form, and favored him over many of those who created, and bestowed upon him the intellect that distinguished him from animals, so that he might know his God and realize his interests. The best deed in this world is done connected in this world and the hereafter [this sentence could not be translated accurately]. “The Hereafter is greater in degrees and greater in favour”  [Al-Isra 21]. And if he commits misdeeds and cancels his mind, God will send him back to the lowest of the lowly. And whoever is blind in this, he is blind in the Hereafter and on a more misguided path” [Al-Isra: 72].

I praise him (Allah) for his countless blessings and I thank him, and his right is to be obeyed and not disobeyed. And I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone no partner for him . His is has dominion, to Him belong praises and thanks and he is able to do everything . And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger, he used to often say: “O turner of hearts, make my heart firm upon your religion.” May God’s peace and blessings be upon him, his family and his companions, and whoever followed his path and adhered to his Sunnah until the Day of Judgment, and peace be upon him greatly.

Servants of God: Fear God Almighty, He is the One who created you and fashioned you and perfected your forms: “O man, what has deceived you about your generous Lord (2) Who created you and fashioned you, so He justified you (2) in any form that he willed” [Al-Infitar: 6-8]. Yes, O human being, you are composed of organs, and each of your organs is created for a special work. If the hand becomes sick, it will be able to smash, and if the eye becomes sick, it will not be able to see, and if the heart becomes ill with disobedience, it will be not be able to execute the special action for which it was created, which is knowledge, wisdom, knowledge, love of God and worshiping Him.

The illness of the heart is the very difficult disease to cure, and it is a hidden disease that a person may not know he has, so he is neglects it, and if he knows it, it is difficult for him to be patient with the bitterness of his medicine. Because his medicine is a going against His desires.

The heart is the king of the orgns, the source of their happiness or misery, and the source of their goodness or corruption. Profit Mohammad, peace be upon him, said: “There is a piece of flesh in the body. If it is good, the whole body is good, and if it is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt; that is the heart.” In this hadith is evidence that righteousness of the heart is behind the righteousness of one’s actions, and corruption of the heart is behind corruptions of one’s actions. A righteous heart is a sound heart that does not benefit a person but it. The Almighty said: (The day when neither wealth nor children will benefit (88) except for he who comes to God with a sound heart” [Al-Shu`ara’: 88, 89].

Hearts are of three types: 
The first type: a healthy heart that is free from all evils and abominations, and it is the heart in which there is nothing but the love for, and fear of, God, and the fear of whatever derives one away from Him (God). 
The second type: the dead heart that has no life, so it does not know its Lord or worship Him. It stands with its desires and pleasures, even if the wrath of his Lord are in them, so he does not respond to the counsellor, and follows every devil. 
The third type: the sick heart, which is a heart that has life and has a disease. 

The first heart: a conscious, soft and alive heart. And the second heart: a dry, dead heart. The third heart: a sick heart. Either to safety is closer, or to damage is closer.

Servants of God: The life, death and illness of hearts have causes that are what a person does; Among the reasons for its life: turning to God, reciting His Book, contemplating it, and being occupied with His remembrance; The Almighty said: “those who believe and whose hearts are reassured by the remembrance of God, only in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest.” [Al-Ra’d: 28] “Is it not time for those who believe that their hearts should be humbled to the remembrance of God and what has been revealed of the truth” (Al-Hadid: 16).

Among the reasons for the life of the hearts: sitting with the righteous, mixing with them, and following their path. Among the reasons for the life of the hearts: listening to sermons, reminders, and maintaining prayer

Among the reasons for the life of the hearts is the consideration and contemplation of what God has created. The Almighty said: (Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day there are signs for those who have brains/intellect” [Al Imran: 190].

Among the reasons for the life of the hearts: looking into the consequences for the oppressors and the corrupters, and the punishments that God has made them suffer from. 

[Translation by Google has only verified, and corrected, up to this line. The translation of the rest of Khutbah is Google translation without verification. It may contain errors.]

As for the causes of death of hearts; One of them is her reluctance to accept the truth after knowing it. The Almighty said: (And when they deviated, God turned their hearts away, and God does not guide the wicked people” [Al-Saff: 5], and the Almighty said: “Then they turned away, God turned their hearts because they are a people who do not understand.” To God and to the Messenger, if he calls you when he greets you, and know that God is a barrier between a person and his heart (Al-Anfal: 24).

And a dead heart whose owner is lesser than the beasts, and its destination is Hell. The Almighty said: And We have made for Hell many of the jinn and men, they have hearts with which they do not understand, and they have eyes with which they do not help, and they have ears with which they do not hear. Because he turned away from the truth and accepted falsehood, so falsehood became its nourishment, misguidance is its path, and hell is its destination. We seek refuge in God from betrayal. .

As for the causes of heart disease; Including: eating the forbidden, for the bad food feeds the bad food. He, peace be upon him, said, “In the one who travels for a long time, he is disheveled and dusty, he stretches his hands to the sky, O Lord, and his food is forbidden, and his clothing is forbidden, and he is fed with forbidden things, so how can he respond to that?” And how much is eating forbidden things in our time, which causes sickness of hearts and corruption of behavior and morals, as you see that is apparent in our society.

pulpit sermons

Say: It is guidance and healing for those who believe ( [Fussilat: 44] So turn to the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger to treat your hearts from them; In them are healing and mercy, in them there is light and guidance, and in them are the soul and life, and in them are the protection from Satan and his temptations. Likewise, keep your children and your homes away from the means of evil and causes of corruption; If you want healing for your hearts and goodness for your community, then increase this supplication that he was praying with

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “O turner of hearts, make our hearts firm on your obedience.” I seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan: “And thus We revealed to you a spirit of Our command. You did not know what the Book or faith is, but We made it a light with which we guide whomever We will from among Our servants, and that you guide to a straight path.”

[Shura: ٥٢, ٥٣]

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