Khutbah 08-26-2022

Subject: fearing Allah out of knowledge

The Knowledgeable (ulama’) fear Allah out of knowledge of him, his abilities, and orders

they are at higher rank that those who pray without knowledge

there are two levels of knowledge

basic is knowing how to perform what’s required of one as a Muslim, such as how pray, fast etc everyone must have this knowledge

a wider scope of knowledge such as that of the sharia laws, inheritance is requires from ulama’

for example, if a person can perform salat al Janazah (diseased prayer) is enough and others can follow his lead as Imam

acquiring knowledge is easy nowadays is easy with the quotas of technology however one must be careful as to the sources to rely on as there are those who are not true Ulama’ yet do not refrain from talking without knowledge

one of the signs of the approach of end of time is the disappearance of Ulama’

Hadith: Allah does not take Knowles away from Ulama’ but they pass away and get replaced by those who are jot

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